Hi, I'm Matt

You may know me from YouTube videos, as part of The Technical Difficulties, or as a developer of Emojli: the emoji-only messenger.

For my day job, I work as a Broadcast Engineer for Global at our Leicester Square broadcast centre in London. If Classic FM, Capital, Heart and Radio X (amongst others) are all on air, I'm probably having a good day.

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Citation Needed Team Photo

Citation Needed

Comedy video series with Tom, Gary, Chris and me. Tom picks a Wikipedia article almost at random, and we try to guess facts, getting points and giggling throughout.

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Matt and Tom playing Chess Clock Jenga


Ranging from dropping two drums and a cymbal off a cliff to finding 10 illegal things to do in London. I'm mostly seen making videos with Tom Scott.

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Katy Perry Photo


I like taking photos whether on my phone, DSLR or Gameboy Camera. When I remember, I stick them on the internet.

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Most of my videos are made with Tom Scott. Here's a list of the most popular ones: