Hi, I'm Matt

You may know me from YouTube, or as Managing Broadcast Engineer at Global.

On YouTube, you may have seen me Improve a Game Boy Camera, on fact-based comedy show Citation Needed, or with Tom Scott on the Matt and Tom channel.

For my day job, I manage Global's broadcast engineering team at our Leicester Square broadcast centre in London. Global is the UK's largest commercial radio group: My team support everyone using the 50 studios in our London HQ and facilitate outside broadcasts locally and around the world.

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Matt in a park with a Game Boy Camera


I enjoy being behind the camera as much as in front of it. My YouTube channel includes Game Boy Camera experiments, video from my travels, timelapses, and behind-the-scenes stuff from my job as a broadcast engineer!

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Citation Needed Team Photo

The Technical Difficulties

Tom, Gary, Chris and I are The Technical Difficulties. We mostly make fact-based comedy shows. Our new show, Two Of These People Are Lying was released in mid-2019, and we plan to record more in the near future.

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Matt and Tom

Tom Scott and I have made videos together for over a decade. In our Park Bench series, we were taught cuneiform by a senior professor at the British Museum, had our car pulled over by the Estonian military, and did a four hour live stream of a dot-matrix printer and shredder.

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Featured Videos

Here's a selection of videos I've been involved with:

If you would like to contact me, I'm @MattGrayYES on twitter,
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