Booty Call 🍑

Friday 30th April 2022

Yes that's right, if you're in the mood for a booty call dial one of these:

🍑 Ask the bill payer's permission before dialling. Call charges will vary:

UK Number
0330 numbers are national rate, and should be included in many UK "free minutes" packages.
USA Number
1-844 numbers should in theory be toll free at least within the USA.

It costs me Β£0.02 every time someone calls this, but I'm leaving it up because I find it hilarious.

I have Matt Gray merchandise for sale, and my music is also available to download 😉

Yes I am the king of laughing at my own jokes

Phone screenshot, showing many calls to Booty Call

Why? How?

The phrase Booty Call just popped into my head at 23:45 one night, and thought there needed to be a number so you could call an arse.

It took me literally 15 minutes to make using Twilio Studio. I bought two phone numbers (the majority of my followers are based in the UK and USA) and pointed them at a Twilio Studio Flow, which picks up the call, plays the .wav file message, then says thanks and goodbye.

I'm not affiliated with Twilio at all, I just thought I'd share how straightforward it can be sometimes to make a silly idea reality!

Twilio Flow screenshot