The Freddie Mercury Thermometer

Saturday 9th May 2012

The Freddie Mercury Thermometer uses the Queen singer's voice to tell us the temperature.


In the video I demonstrate the thermometer, showing the different sounds it makes depending how hot or cold it is. You turn it on and place the sensor wherever you want. Press the button, and you find out the temperature by the sound of Freddie's singing.


The hardware consists of a Raspberry Pi, a digital thermometer chip, a push button and a powered speaker. The Pi is running the standard build of Raspbian, a bunch of audio clips of Freddie Mercury with Queen live at Wembley in 1986 and a script I wrote in python to read the temperature.


I made this for 3 reasons:

  • I was already learning how to use a Raspberry Pi along with Python to create a multiple temperature logger for work, and this seemed like a quick addition to what I'd started.
  • While recording the Technical Difficulties podcast (ep. 14) we came up with the pun and realised, although a seemingly obvious joke, no-one seems to have made one yet.
  • It's funny. (To me at least)

You can view my Freddie Mercury Thermometer code on Github, and my photos on flickr.