Hi, I'm Matt

You may know me from YouTube, or as Managing Broadcast Engineer at Global.

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I've been on YouTube over fifteen years, and videos I've been involved with have totalled over 285 million views. Scroll down to see some featured videos below. Recent projects include making things such as: a Wifi Adapter for the Game Boy Camera, a Hovercraft Pub, and a USB-powered Electric Blanket.

I also make comedy videos as part of The Technical Difficulties, including our most recent show: Two Of These People Are Lying.

For my day job, I manage Global's broadcast engineering team at our Leicester Square broadcast centre in London. Global is the UK's largest commercial radio group: My team support everyone using the 50 studios in our London HQ and facilitate outside broadcasts locally and around the world.

Matt in a park with a Game Boy Camera

Matt Gray on YouTube

I create videos as a hobby in my spare time which gives me the freedom to make what I want, rather than conform to a brand to support a career. You'll find a mish-mash of my interests including things I've made, alcohol-free beer taste tests, and travel videos!

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Two Of These People Are Lying

Fact-based comedy panel show with Tom Scott, Gary and Chris. Three of us add a Wikipedia article title to the pile, and Tom picks one of them at random. We each have to convince Tom that we know the real meaning, when only one of us has actually read the article.

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Featured Videos

Here's a selection of videos I've been involved with:

If you would like to contact me, I'm @MattGrayYES on twitter, or if business related, please see my contact page.
You're welcome to contact me personally about sponsored content or ad campaigns, but please don't add me to your mailing lists.