Matt Gray Discord

I do not use discord. Please do not create a discord server about me, The Technical Difficulties, or on my behalf.

I don't want a place designed to discuss me or my life. While some people who are publicly online have no problem with fandoms and their hyperfocus on everything they do on and off the internet, I am not one of them. I enjoy making things and sharing them with the world, and am very grateful to have those things appreciated. I would rather it was left at that.

I realise this may not be anyone's intention when thinking of having a Matt Gray Discord, but it's not something I can effectively moderate, and therefore would rather it didn't exist with my name attached to it.

I have had people publicly post parts of my personal life before before on the internet and the fact that there are places where this could happen again makes me feel uneasy.

Please do not set up a Matt Gray Discord.
Please do not set up a Discord for The Technical Difficulties.

Thank you for understanding.