Matt Gray Reddit

Thank you to the moderator of the /r/MattGray subreddit to agreeing to my request to close it.

I don't want a place designed to discuss me or my life, and especially on a site like reddit, with its design around hyperfocus on topics, and reputation for toxicity, harassment, racism, and invading the private lives of others who use the internet.

I realise this may not have been anyone's intention when using the subreddit, but I don't want to be seen to be associated with reddit and the more damaging parts of the community.

I have had people publicly post parts of my personal life before before on the internet and the fact that I now there's a subreddit there where this could happen again makes me feel uneasy. On top of that, this may also impact my business relationships with reddit being seen as a red flag.

Please do not set up a subreddit to replace this one.
Please do not set up a subreddit for The Technical Difficulties.

Thank you for understanding.