About Matt


Here are some answers the questions I get asked most often on Twitter or in YouTube comments:

Matt Gray's Age
Matt Gray's Height
6ft 4in / 193cm.
Where does Matt Gray Live?
London, UK.
When will the Park Bench return?
The Park Bench has ended and will not return. We weren't having fun making it any more. The Matt and Tom YouTube channel is still being used for other collaborations between Matt and Tom.
Are you going to make more Technical Difficulties?
Yes, though we all live spread out across the UK, and will only have a recording session once it is safe and responsible to do so. We have no plans to record anything remotely over videocall.
Will there be more Citation Needed?
Nope! That show has ended, but the Technical Difficulties team are still together. Our current show is Two Of These People Are Lying.
Where did you come up with the idea for Will It Soft Serve?
It came from joking with friends in a pub. And it was funny enough to make me think "wait, I could actually do this".
Where did you get your ice cream machine
eBay. I searched for about six months, and this was the cheapest I could find, at around £800. I wouldn't recommend getting one - they're a bastard to clean!
Have you tried soft serving ___ yet?
Have a look at the Will It Soft Serve? Playlist to see what I've already done. If you've got a suggestion, please add a comment on one of the Will It Soft Serve? videos!
Where did you get your T-Shirt?
Most of my t-shirts are from Uniqlo or Dedicated (not sponsored). You can buy my t-shirt designs from the Matt Gray Shop.
How do I get into Broadcast Engineering?
First get some experience. You may be able to volunteer at your local community, hospital or student radio station. You can get similar experience from theatre, live sound or podcasting. When the Coronavirus has calmed down a bit maybe speak to your local radio station and explain your passion and ask to have a look round?
Please may I have a look round Global's studios?
Sorry, all Global sites are currently restricted to essential personnel only due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Why did you block me?
I occasionally block accounts on social media, mostly due to Sea Lioning, racist/hateful content or avatars, harrassment or spreading misinformation. Please respect this as a sign that I don't want to hear from you, and messaging me to ask me to unblock you will not work. I don't owe you an explanation - free speech isn't a right to be heard.

Social Media

Matt is @MattGrayYes on most social media platforms. In order of what he uses most:


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I use neither. Please don't set one up on my behalf.